On 9/11, Baseline’s employees in the World Trade Center experienced death and destruction, yet courageously battled despair with incredible fortitude and resolve.  This is their story.

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A Real World TOP GUN – Leading us Through Turbulent Times

A Real World TOP GUN – Leading us Through Turbulent Times

  Have you seen “Top Gun: Maverick”? It stars Tom Cruise in the sequel to the original motion picture. Cruise’s character is chosen to lead a team through a rigorous training exercise because he’s “been there, done that.” His character’s credibility is solidified...



  Thirty years ago today, we Americans were introduced to large-scale, foreign acts of terrorism here on our shores.  On February 26, 1993, an ominous forewarning occurred in lower Manhattan as the World Trade Center (WTC) was targeted for the first time....



Brigitte Stelzer is an accomplished photojournalist. On September 11, 2001, she applied not only her photography skills to a difficult task, but also a backbone of steel to confront death and destruction while doing her job.


On September 11, 2001, sixteen employees of Baseline Financial Services remained on the 77th and 78th floors of Two World Trade Center not knowing that a second plane targeting the towers was about to crash directly into their offices. Twelve would survive.

UNDAUNTED uses that moment, and the rest of the day’s events, to portray how the team stuck together and exemplified tremendous valor amidst the utter horror. Not only would the twelve survive, but they would also band together with all of Baseline’s employees to rebuild the business—nearly from scratch—in the ensuing weeks. They were relentless in their mission, while simultaneously mourning the loss of four friends.

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Tim Leach Short

"Undaunted is an insider's story, but really it is an intimate homage to the special culture that Baseline’s founder created—leading not only to tremendous business success but fortifying its employees to withstand the destruction of the south tower during 9/11, and do whatever it took to deliver to its customers without a hitch… remarkable!"

Tim Leach
Director, Goldman Sachs BDC, Inc (GSDB), Chairman of the Board, Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp. II, Inc., and former Chief Investment Officer of Wells Fargo Wealth Management.

Phillip B. J Reid short

"Ed Zier shares this very uplifting personal story about how one of the deadliest moments in American history forever impacted him and his surviving colleagues’ lives."

Phillip B. J Reid
Retired Senior FBI Executive and a lead agent in the December 1988, Pan Am 103 Bombing Investigation in Lockerbie, Scotland, and Author of Three Sisters Ponds

Carol DiBattiste short

"Undaunted weaves powerful imagery of the unforgettable terrorist attack and tragedy of 9/11 with heartfelt human emotions that involve fear, capitulation, unbelievable resolve, resilience. It is a gripping account and must-read."

Carol DiBattiste
Former TSA Deputy Administrator, Former Air Force Under Secretary, and Air Force Retired Officer

Thomas Von Essen

"While reading Undaunted, I felt as though I was back on that horrible day. Ed Zier does a remarkable job of personalizing an event that shook the world. A small group of innocent, decent, hardworking Americans now have their story told along with so many others."

Thomas Von Essen
Former FDNY Commissioner for the City of New York and Author of Strong of Heart


Meet the Author

Ed Zier was the chief operating officer of Baseline Financial Services on September 11, 2001. He recognizes how fortunate he is to be alive, although does not like the term "lucky" as it suggests that those lost were unlucky. "It seems disrespectful to the families to call myself lucky." In 2005, Ed outlined what would become Undaunted, but he would not have the time nor the courage to write about the collective experiences of his colleagues until 2017. It then took him four years to write, perfect, and publish the book. "It was much harder than I ever expected," Ed said of his journey. "Nearly every interview begot another interview as I learned more and more about that day and how my associates faced disaster. And, given that it was a work of non-fiction there were tons of facts that had to be triple checked."