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Congrats to David Rose for winning the NIEA* top honor for best Non-Fiction Book of the Year.  His work is entitled Super Sight: What Augmented Reality Means for Our Lives, Our Work, and the Way We Imagine the Future.

In his book, Rose proffers that over the next decade, what we see and how we see it will no longer be bound by biology.  Instead, our everyday vision will be augmented with digital information to give us “SuperSight.”  Link to Rose’s Amazon page.

If you’re wondering if you’ve already seen this post of mine, your eyes are not totally deceiving you.

My book, Undaunted, actually received two Finalist commendations from the NIEA – in two genres – in Non-Fiction as well as in Leadership.  My recent blog post highlighted top Leadership books.  In each case there were five finalists before the winner was chosen.  While Undaunted was not a winner, I was flattered to receive both nods.

The annual NIEA commendations are given to independent authors who produce noteworthy, original manuscripts, and are not produced by the “Big 5” publishers.  The other four books which were each named a Finalist for top Non-fiction Book of the Year are also worthy of investigation.


Exit the Maze: One Addiction, One Cause, One Cure.
By Dr. Donna Marks

An Amazon review: “In her new book, Dr. Marks takes on an industry in dire need of transformation — the confusing and often ineffective world of addiction treatment.  As a seasoned treatment professional and industry insider, she exposes the greed and outright incompetence that has transformed a once esteemed profession and offers solutions to bring a heart, a soul and a standard of professional excellence to the provision of institutional behavioral health care.”  Paul L. Hokemeyer, J.D., Ph.D., author of Fragile Power.  Link to Marks’ Amazon page.

Vow of Silence
By Suzanne Walsh

From Amazon: “Suzanne Walsh’s childhood became the ‘stuff of nightmares’ after her father passed away and her mother, unable to get a job in Ireland, had to seek work in London.  So ‘Mammy’ was forced into the heartbreaking decision to put Suzanne and her five siblings into church-run orphanages in Dublin while she worked away.  …. too scared to speak out, the children vowed to take the horrors they had experienced at the orphanages to their graves.  What really happened behind those church doors?  This is Suzanne’s heartbreaking and touching story.”  Link to Walsh’s Amazon page.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Her: A Memoir
By Mary Beth Yakoubian

An Amazon Review: The book is “a memoir by M.B. Yakoubian documenting her aging mother’s elder care.  There is real life drama marked with sadness, sweetness, and a familial struggle for control, all set against the backdrop of advancing dementia. … The heartfelt emotions spread out on these pages are stunning.  … Reading There’s Nothing Wrong with Her is bittersweet and offers a cautionary tale on eldercare best practices.”  Tim Schueler for Reader Views (01/2022).  Link to Yakoubian’s Amazon page.

Undaunted: Leadership Amid Growth and Adversity
By Ed Zier

From Amazon: “Undaunted is a true story of bravery, despair, and fortitude.  It intertwines an informative business narrative of how Baseline grew to be the envy of its industry and how its corporate culture influenced its employees’ reaction to the events of 9/11 and the weeks that followed.  Undaunted is about leadership and facing adversity.”  Link to Undaunted on Amazon.

Happy Reading!


* NIEA (National Indie Excellence Awards) website: